It all started when…

I realized that I was killing at least half of everything I planted. I had always been a “gardener” but in the area of vegetables not landscaping. I actually thought that the plant tags were a suggestion not a set of rules. I enrolled in a Master Gardener program offered by a local university and spent the next year finding out everything I didn’t know. The best part… my husband and I had owned a landscape maintenance business for 6 years prior to my becoming a Master Gardener. Lucky for everyone I was great at maintaining plants and gardens just not designing them. The program was simply amazing and we created a show stopping landscape in about 9 years, even winning “favorite garden” in our local Garden Tour. I spent many years consulting and planning gardens for people with my kids right along side me learning and growing with the plants. Fast-forward 15 years and now my daughter Isabelle is about to graduate with her Horticulture Degree. We are focusing on sustainable, edible and bee friendly landscapes. Please let us help you start creating your prize winning garden today!

email: beewisegardens@icloud.com

website: beewisegardens.com